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Seven Olive Bloody Mary

The Seven Olive Bloody Mary is a Hemmingway Bloody Mary, heavy on the Mary, heavy on the ice, and heavy on the olives.


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To a large pitcher (anything smaller is “worthless”) add:
1 chunk of ice (the biggest that will fit)
1 pint of vodka
1 pint chilled tomato juice
1 tablespoon “Worcester” sauce
1 jigger fresh lime juice
Pinch celery salt
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch black pepper
Several drops of Tabasco
“Keep on stirring and taste it to see how it is doing. If you get it too powerful weaken with more tomato juice. If it lacks authority add more vodka.”
From a letter to Bernard Peyton signed
April 5, 1947 by Ernest Hemingway


I made this recipe with all the ingredients in a two-quart pitcher minus the vodka and ice (pour desired amount of vodka in your glass over your ice to achieve suitable authority — then add mixture). When making the mixture I eyeballed most of the ingredients until my taste was satiated.
Once your drink is mixed, drop six olives into glass (not the jumbo olives, unless that’s your thing), ponder the devil, then drop the seventh to come closer to God.
The Seven Olive Bloody Mary.


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Random Thought: God Is A Specter

The idea of God cannot be destroyed– ever like a specter God moves to never be fully discovered. We claw and bare our teeth believing holiness to be cornered. The thirst for the divine blood coursing through God’s veins makes us ravenous. To behold and snuff the power of God; to expurgate the thought of the holy.

The authentic God fears not the attempts of humans; God is not governed by their fates and actions; God cannot be contained by their hands. Ever allusive God portends of the capture, but is never fully revealed, escaping to be hidden elsewhere not yet discovered.

Followers of the true God never fear their divinity shall be extinguished– true faith in truth cannot truly falter.

When we as a race begin to stand in a hubris defined by the ability to expunge God, we only fool ourselves. The honest know: ever will the idea of God lurk in the human psyche.

Where is God… for you?


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Articles: “Suicide Note” Mitchell Heisman

Mitchell Heisman was a thirty-five-year-old man who committed suicide on the steps of the Harvard chapel. Before doing so, obviously — he wrote a 1900 page suicide note.

This is that note:


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FTIW: Charlie


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Back In The Day: Fireside With Grandma

Another memory from back in the day.

My brother and I went up for summer and winter vacations to my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s farm. This was a time for my Mom to be rid of us and for us to be rid of our Mom. The farm had some animals, but most of the wealth was generated from a quarry my Grandpa owned. We would ride with Grandpa in his dump truck or come with him to the quarry and do some laborious task.

One time I remember he had me clean the lines of a wielder with gasoline. The lines were green and red, they were covered with oil and grim. The wielder sat outside in the winter air and he had me take a rag to those lines. The rag was soaked in gas, I took the rag and ran it up and down the lines, the evaporation froze my hands, I remember that, my hands being so cold, but wanting approval from my grandpa, to show him I could clean those lines.

When night had come and work was done for the day we would sit in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. The fireplace stoked, started with diesel fuel, my Grandpa would smoke flavored tobacco from his pipe and Grandma would be drinking. We would sit beside the fireplace existing and enjoying one another.

I remember we had a talk about God. I summarized past belief in God as not being able to explain a phenomenon, so the phenomenon was explained with God. The meaning of my explanation was to say people of the past were to stupid to explain things rationally. My Grandma in adoration says “Isn’t he so smart.” My Grandpa half nods in approval. I said it for this approval, I didn’t know what I thought of God.

As my brother’s and I’s relationship changed with my Grandma and Grandpa it was determined we were not worth the effort. We stopped visiting them for vacations shortly thereafter.

Back in the day.

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