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Womp Goes The Science

Sagan and his hope


Was reading through one of my favorite cheezburger network sites, Dropping The Science, and found some interesting articles, videos, and pictures.

I share with you the wonders of science:

Heard of the Fibonacci spiral?  well here is a great video giving examples of math found in nature. The video renders the concept in a beautiful and exciting way:


Haven’t had a chance to watch this video with sound yet, but looks interesting:


Phyisists and their blackboards:

Physicists' blackboards


Have you ever thought we should be exploring space much more fervently than we are now? Well, good news, DARPA has a 100 Year Star Ship program in place. The agency recently awarded a $500,000 grant to a group tasked with all the sticky logistics of creating an interstellar spaceship. Link gathered from Dropping The Science:

100 Year Star Ship


Bonus musing:

In an attempt to stimulate some discussion: can computers become conscious? Do computers only do what they are told? Does a being need to have freewill to truly be said to have consciousness? Computers are told what to do by code, is not the human mind the same? told how to operate by genes.


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Bed Time


What does this video say? What is the story held within the grainy frames? What great insights are revealed by the characters?

Not much, maybe, well it depends. For me, as I watched the video I couldn’t tell if the main protagonist was authentically upset. After the ninja move, the character of the brute is broken–allowing the scene to take on the silly nonsense it is.

After seeing the brute for what he is, I saw myself. I saw how foolish my anger must look: Internet videos, the impetus for self-reflection.

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The Black Box Revelation “High On A Wire”


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Hammer Time


See this link for more information about what is going on here:

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Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak author of Where The Wild Things Are. From link:

In this 2004 interview with Bill Moyers, Sendak reveals some of the early childhood memories and surprisingly dark influences behind his work. Shaped by immigrant parents and the tragedy of the Holocaust, Sendak provides frank insight into his complicated psyche and a rare window into the soul of an acclaimed artist. He also discusses how he shaped the character of Max, the mischievous lead in his blockbuster book, and where he might be today.

I have known about Where The Wild Things Are. Now I know a bit about the author.

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Raw Data Dump

when other systems provide too much input to the main consciousness, the C can than choose to shutdown those processes.

Processes carry data.

Once the data has been passed from the sub-system, or has not yet reached the s: data X is queued for the C to process.

relative to the available or utilized bandwidth: C must take action against data X. If no action is taken, X decays. If decay value is > relative tolerance, X is re-queued.

If X is processed in any manner, whether an action of re-queuing, or for further development, X is:

Just fucking numbers and letters.

I hate the fucking alphabet.

Best writing advice I have received so far:

  • …you go on and on and on…
  • …you tell the story as if it were about yourself…

End writing advice.

you always have to have some kind of gimmick.

Some prefer the night to the day. Some by a lot, some by a little. The same can be said for those whose favor lie with the day. But than there are those whom prefer neither.

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Raw Data Dump

Video is better at retelling stories to a lazy mind allowing the past to be recreated.

Do not create a commodity of yourself; instead, express concepts of value. Let the value not be your presentation. Let the value be in the concept.

Selfish-logical thought leads to death. Mechanics, the systems in place, make up any logical concept. To take on the view of logic is to become a machine. A machine is given purpose and designed for a specific task. To do or not to do. If than else…

Are we more than machines? Are we designed for a specific task?

Logical thought is a part of us–a part not the whole. Or maybe, logic is the whole and all else the parts…

Logic would say all else is the parts: only rational.

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