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Articles: Certainty Series

The certainty series from Wikipedia covers the following topics:



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Back In The Day: Fireside With Grandma

Another memory from back in the day.

My brother and I went up for summer and winter vacations to my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s farm. This was a time for my Mom to be rid of us and for us to be rid of our Mom. The farm had some animals, but most of the wealth was generated from a quarry my Grandpa owned. We would ride with Grandpa in his dump truck or come with him to the quarry and do some laborious task.

One time I remember he had me clean the lines of a wielder with gasoline. The lines were green and red, they were covered with oil and grim. The wielder sat outside in the winter air and he had me take a rag to those lines. The rag was soaked in gas, I took the rag and ran it up and down the lines, the evaporation froze my hands, I remember that, my hands being so cold, but wanting approval from my grandpa, to show him I could clean those lines.

When night had come and work was done for the day we would sit in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. The fireplace stoked, started with diesel fuel, my Grandpa would smoke flavored tobacco from his pipe and Grandma would be drinking. We would sit beside the fireplace existing and enjoying one another.

I remember we had a talk about God. I summarized past belief in God as not being able to explain a phenomenon, so the phenomenon was explained with God. The meaning of my explanation was to say people of the past were to stupid to explain things rationally. My Grandma in adoration says “Isn’t he so smart.” My Grandpa half nods in approval. I said it for this approval, I didn’t know what I thought of God.

As my brother’s and I’s relationship changed with my Grandma and Grandpa it was determined we were not worth the effort. We stopped visiting them for vacations shortly thereafter.

Back in the day.

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