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Seven Olive Bloody Mary

The Seven Olive Bloody Mary is a Hemmingway Bloody Mary, heavy on the Mary, heavy on the ice, and heavy on the olives.

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To a large pitcher (anything smaller is “worthless”) add:
1 chunk of ice (the biggest that will fit)
1 pint of vodka
1 pint chilled tomato juice
1 tablespoon “Worcester” sauce
1 jigger fresh lime juice
Pinch celery salt
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch black pepper
Several drops of Tabasco
“Keep on stirring and taste it to see how it is doing. If you get it too powerful weaken with more tomato juice. If it lacks authority add more vodka.”
From a letter to Bernard Peyton signed
April 5, 1947 by Ernest Hemingway


I made this recipe with all the ingredients in a two-quart pitcher minus the vodka and ice (pour desired amount of vodka in your glass over your ice to achieve suitable authority — then add mixture). When making the mixture I eyeballed most of the ingredients until my taste was satiated.
Once your drink is mixed, drop six olives into glass (not the jumbo olives, unless that’s your thing), ponder the devil, then drop the seventh to come closer to God.
The Seven Olive Bloody Mary.


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