Womp Goes The Science

Sagan and his hope


Was reading through one of my favorite cheezburger network sites, Dropping The Science, and found some interesting articles, videos, and pictures.

I share with you the wonders of science:

Heard of the Fibonacci spiral?  well here is a great video giving examples of math found in nature. The video renders the concept in a beautiful and exciting way:


Haven’t had a chance to watch this video with sound yet, but looks interesting:


Phyisists and their blackboards:

Physicists' blackboards


Have you ever thought we should be exploring space much more fervently than we are now? Well, good news, DARPA has a 100 Year Star Ship program in place. The agency recently awarded a $500,000 grant to a group tasked with all the sticky logistics of creating an interstellar spaceship. Link gathered from Dropping The Science:

100 Year Star Ship


Bonus musing:

In an attempt to stimulate some discussion: can computers become conscious? Do computers only do what they are told? Does a being need to have freewill to truly be said to have consciousness? Computers are told what to do by code, is not the human mind the same? told how to operate by genes.


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