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The Eidetic Self-Image

I have directed a few friends and family to my first short story “Meat”. First comes the proposal: I mention I have been writing and have finished a short story. The mark will give a flat reply, then I advertise my blog and the name of the story. I go on to describe the content of the story. During the description I say how most of the protagonist is really me. I always feel petty after the whole process. Feeling petty hasn’t been the truly difficult part. I can deal with feeling petty. I think the tribulation has come from me telling the readers how much of me contaminated the protagonist. Why would I reveal this? I count four reasons why this is a bad thing to do:

  • the reader doesn’t care.
  • now the reader is obligated to give positive feedback.
  • the author will know the positive feedback is feigned, and take offense.
  • all the demons that ended up the page will be known as the author’s demons.

Telling the reader a character is only an image of the author steals: the reader’s freedom to define the character; the author’s ability to freely develop the character; and the character’s ability to take on free will. From the start the author is working against themselves. I won’t be telling my readers how much or little of myself is any of my characters anymore. The value is left for the reader and author to define.

Where does the eidetic self-image come from?

The pristine reflection of the author appears because good writing is tough. You may feel like your saying some great stuff, but really it’s just shit. The author could simply be pouring out his insipid mental deficiencies. Writing too much of yourself into a character will most likely bore. Also the author opens the door into their psyche a little too wide, allowing people to come in and mess up the place.


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Music = Little Dragon “Ritual Union”



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Raw Data Dump

I’m a fucking genius.

Saying fuck all the time makes me sound immature, fuck.

This is cliché.

This is not very good writing at all.

Why am I doing this?

Must be some rational explanation…

I wish I knew the language better.

I am a bad writier.

Now I sound teary.

I may not do the best job but I am writing.

There, now I sound hopeful.

This was a dumb idea for a post.

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The Need To Explore

Yesterday I felt the need to explore. I called into work, coaxed one of my dogs into the truck, and set out in my 91′ S-10. I decided to drive west. Early in the morning I began on the Interstate and ended up on gravel back roads. One of my favorite parts of the journey was careening across the gravel and coming up to a ridge. As I approached I could see a small frozen lake below. I left the ridge and looked for a way to get closer to the shore. I circled around the lake but couldn’t find any public access, only a private drive. I wanted to go back and see if I could get closer from the way I came, but I couldn’t go back.

I have a rule when exploring: no going back only forward. Looping back around would have been an option if I could have found roads to take me back to the lake, but it was too late. I reached the private drive and was dumped onto a highway. No going back. The unexpected find, the beauty of the lake, and the struggle against the rule made the event memorable.

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To The Creators of The DePo Masthead Theme

Update: No response from these people. Not even an automated email. I was not able to post this issue in the wordpress forums. The thread would automatically close, I’m guessing because I said “fucking”. Anyhow I changed themes again.

(The following is an email sent to in regards to an error in the theme design)

On the archive page in the “DePo Masthead” theme, the navigation links at the bottom of the page are incorrect. Please reference lostwhitemale archive page:

Scroll to the end of the posts (10 total) and observe the navigation link to go to “newer entries”. This is not correct because upon clicking on the “newer entries” link I am, in fact, taken to older entries. Additionally the archives page is sorted by newest to oldest, making the “newer entries” button egregiously misplaced.

When you have the chance would you please correct this issue. I have grown most fond of this theme and wish not to provide an impetus for confusion amongst my dimwitted readers.

Additional comments:

–The default font for the header is fucking enormous. Not in a good way.

–Please consider making the three posts on the front page navigable (a nifty scrolling effect, if possible, would bring a sharp modern touch to the theme).

–When posts with embedded video are displayed on the home page, the video’s dimensions are distorted. Consider making the frames wider or auto sizing the video. Please see my current home page for an example (the post with the embedded TV On The Radio video):

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ever Truly yours,


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In The Care Of Dogs

I am writing this to you because you have agreed to care for Dogs beginning x + 8:00 AM CST on 12/25/11 through (and ending) x + 3:00 PM CST on 12/26/11. (ref “def Term” call at end of writing).

I consider the beforehand agreement a sub-requirement to my main reasoning for this writing. My main reason being: the need for written instructions is an opportunity to write.

My reasons revealed, I will begin my instruction in the care of Dogs:

You are the substitute pack leader. The term leader has been left for you to define (ref “def Term” call at end of writing). You may choose to be a passive leader, a tyrant, loving, or a good leader. The best of these is the good leader. Before giving direction in the choice to define Leader(persona=”good”), I will provide you with the raw information for the care of Dogs:

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Sold My Soul For A Good Design

I’ve been had. I placed my wealth in the design of my blog. I had been sold the idea that true value is in gaining followers–followers lured in by aesthetics. Not aesthetics in a positive meaning, but cheap garish aesthetics. I suppose my subconcious was making this connection all along, and I have been oblivious until now.

I don’t want anybody seduced into reading my blog. I want the focus to be on the words; the communication with other humans. Good writing doesn’t appeal to flashy effects. Good writing simply appeals to the mind.

As a result of this insight, I will be experimenting with various truly minimalistic themes which place the focus of the design on readability.


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