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Womp Goes The Science

Sagan and his hope


Was reading through one of my favorite cheezburger network sites, Dropping The Science, and found some interesting articles, videos, and pictures.

I share with you the wonders of science:

Heard of the Fibonacci spiral?  well here is a great video giving examples of math found in nature. The video renders the concept in a beautiful and exciting way:


Haven’t had a chance to watch this video with sound yet, but looks interesting:


Phyisists and their blackboards:

Physicists' blackboards


Have you ever thought we should be exploring space much more fervently than we are now? Well, good news, DARPA has a 100 Year Star Ship program in place. The agency recently awarded a $500,000 grant to a group tasked with all the sticky logistics of creating an interstellar spaceship. Link gathered from Dropping The Science:

100 Year Star Ship


Bonus musing:

In an attempt to stimulate some discussion: can computers become conscious? Do computers only do what they are told? Does a being need to have freewill to truly be said to have consciousness? Computers are told what to do by code, is not the human mind the same? told how to operate by genes.


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Message To Majicdumpling

Your “Catching Waves” post told a good story until the end. The conclusion was weak:

The surfer got in front of the ripple and began paddling furiously.  Though not strong enough to support his board at first, the ripple quickly grew in breadth and height until it was a decent wave, with the surfer was [sic] gliding comfortably on top.  The size and power of the wave multiplied at an astonishing rate.  The young surfer soon found himself riding a massive tsunami, unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

The landscape was changed forever as the tsunami crashed into the shoreline.

The veteran surfer never knew what hit him.

The supporting phrase “unlike anything anyone had seen before” is a generalization. While it may be true all the occupants of the beach that day may have never seen a tsunami wave, the assumption is hubris and cannot be verified. Additionally, the magnificence of the wave should be left for the reader to decide. The author should properly describe the characteristics of the wave to aid the reader in their definition.

A similar error is made in the closing statement, “the veteran surfer never knew what hit him.” The veteran probably was shocked to be crushed by watery death, but he must of seen it coming. I Imagine him with the howling fantods.

Here is my suggested revision:

The young surfer plunged his arms into the salty foam and strained his shoulders against the water’s resistance. He poured his strength into the ripple; as he atrophied the ripple became a wave. The wave held him, allowing him to harvest his expended energy. Soon the feral maw of the ocean threaten to consume the young surfer. The wave had lured him, pleading for him to come and follow.

The young mind misjudged, only seeing the ripple of a mighty force of energy. Youth allowed the surfer to grow in confidence as he began his harvest. The harvest was deceptive, a promise made by energy only concerned with its own course.

Youth loses his balance and violently tumbles into the wave’s breast. Forces grab hold of him and dash his body against the rocks leaving gobbets of meat for the sharks he once fought. The veteran noticing the lowering of the ocean’s surface began scanning the horizon before he was caught in the it-who-shows-no-favor-to-the-young-or-old wave. Strength depleted he straddles his board with terrorized eyes; howling the fantods.

The landscape was changed forever as the tsunami crashed into the shoreline.

The above revision does some justice, giving the reader the description of a wave they have never seen before. Also more meaning is conveyed by the closing statement.

Thank you for your consideration.


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OPB: Danger Room

The blog, “Danger Room”, centers on national security and military news. I am not a big advocate of the pro-government and pro-military message the blog slightly slants toward, but the blog covers its topics well; with informative and interesting articles.

Check out this article showcasing some new weapons:

Trillions of tax dollars and man hours invested in killing people– we should at least know how cool the weapons are.

Blog link:

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OPB & FTIW: Not So Smart Procrastination and Dirt Bag Dog

Insightful video from about the cognitive process behind procrastination.


This dog is clearly a dirt bag.


Added to InterWebs/Videos page — here.

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OPB: Four Ball Rhino

Come, do you have the clanking-balls-of-steel it takes to read the fourballrhino. I don’t think you do; prove me wrong, wuss.Four Ball Rhino

Little taste from the latest post:

“I cringe every time a holiday or important day comes around.

Not because of what the day means, but due to what Hallmark — America’s emotional exploitation capitalist — has turned the days into.

Something else I can’t stand are similar canned status updates on Facebook or other social networking locations.  This also goes for face-to-face interaction, but Facebook has become the growing petri dish for this unattractive fake emotional cancer to grow…”

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OPB: Electro Jams

So, I hear you like deadmau5. You must go to this site right now. Awesome collection of deadmau5’s remixes and tracks.

Great looking blog for any fan of electronic music.


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OPB: Reality Sandwich


Worth a look.

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