Random Thought: God Is A Specter

The idea of God cannot be destroyed– ever like a specter God moves to never be fully discovered. We claw and bare our teeth believing holiness to be cornered. The thirst for the divine blood coursing through God’s veins makes us ravenous. To behold and snuff the power of God; to expurgate the thought of the holy.

The authentic God fears not the attempts of humans; God is not governed by their fates and actions; God cannot be contained by their hands. Ever allusive God portends of the capture, but is never fully revealed, escaping to be hidden elsewhere not yet discovered.

Followers of the true God never fear their divinity shall be extinguished– true faith in truth cannot truly falter.

When we as a race begin to stand in a hubris defined by the ability to expunge God, we only fool ourselves. The honest know: ever will the idea of God lurk in the human psyche.

Where is God… for you?



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2 responses to “Random Thought: God Is A Specter

  1. The first time I experienced true enlightenment, i asked for the meaning of life
    and i got one simple answer: FAITH
    doesn’t matter what you believe, how you believe, if ur right or if ur wrong, what matters is that you believe in SOMETHING. everything is connected.
    there is no past, no future, there is only this eternal moment.
    Every day i pray for a creative solution to anything i see as a “problem” temporarily
    music, jewelry, clothing, painting…they help me “remember” who i am
    and why i am here.

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