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I am proud and anxious to present my first real work of fiction, as an adult.

The story is entitled “Meat” and is about a couple who have been married just long enough to realize the honeymoon is over. The couple, David and Julie, are beginning to see the true nature of one another. The changes are taking their toll more on David than Julie, so David resorts to drinking a bit too much.

Being one of my first works of fiction, I had a really hard time not resorting to just making David into me, so he pretty much is. Julie isn’t so much my wife, but she does have some characteristics. I find Julie is bit more aggressive than my wife. Writing this intro at this moment, I honestly think Julie is probably just me arguing with myself, with a bit of my wife attached.

Enjoy the read and please provide me with some candid feedback. Let me know if something just doesn’t work or is egregiously offensive– whether it be grammatically or just bad storytelling. Thanks.

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