Raw Data Dump

when other systems provide too much input to the main consciousness, the C can than choose to shutdown those processes.

Processes carry data.

Once the data has been passed from the sub-system, or has not yet reached the s: data X is queued for the C to process.

relative to the available or utilized bandwidth: C must take action against data X. If no action is taken, X decays. If decay value is > relative tolerance, X is re-queued.

If X is processed in any manner, whether an action of re-queuing, or for further development, X is:

Just fucking numbers and letters.

I hate the fucking alphabet.

Best writing advice I have received so far:

  • …you go on and on and on…
  • …you tell the story as if it were about yourself…

End writing advice.

you always have to have some kind of gimmick.

Some prefer the night to the day. Some by a lot, some by a little. The same can be said for those whose favor lie with the day. But than there are those whom prefer neither.

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