Raw Data Dump

Video is better at retelling stories to a lazy mind allowing the past to be recreated.

Do not create a commodity of yourself; instead, express concepts of value. Let the value not be your presentation. Let the value be in the concept.

Selfish-logical thought leads to death. Mechanics, the systems in place, make up any logical concept. To take on the view of logic is to become a machine. A machine is given purpose and designed for a specific task. To do or not to do. If than else…

Are we more than machines? Are we designed for a specific task?

Logical thought is a part of us–a part not the whole. Or maybe, logic is the whole and all else the parts…

Logic would say all else is the parts: only rational.


How fucking tasteless. Logic.

Selfish-logical thought rationalizes all means to obtain. The selfish-logic goes on to weigh the means and seek only wealth in satisfaction.

We must feel good about ourselves to continue in peace.

We see each other as animals when selfish-logical thought reaches its extremes, the end result is death. Given our definition of animals we label others as subhuman–a dangerous concept.


Material goods have lost value. It is the concept taking rise in the market.

You tell your story. Do not look outside the story for its end. The end is the conclusion. The end is told as part of the story.

Outside is better than inside.

I may like the dark a little more than the day. Perhaps not. Both have their places.


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