To The Creators of The DePo Masthead Theme

Update: No response from these people. Not even an automated email. I was not able to post this issue in the wordpress forums. The thread would automatically close, I’m guessing because I said “fucking”. Anyhow I changed themes again.

(The following is an email sent to in regards to an error in the theme design)

On the archive page in the “DePo Masthead” theme, the navigation links at the bottom of the page are incorrect. Please reference lostwhitemale archive page:

Scroll to the end of the posts (10 total) and observe the navigation link to go to “newer entries”. This is not correct because upon clicking on the “newer entries” link I am, in fact, taken to older entries. Additionally the archives page is sorted by newest to oldest, making the “newer entries” button egregiously misplaced.

When you have the chance would you please correct this issue. I have grown most fond of this theme and wish not to provide an impetus for confusion amongst my dimwitted readers.

Additional comments:

–The default font for the header is fucking enormous. Not in a good way.

–Please consider making the three posts on the front page navigable (a nifty scrolling effect, if possible, would bring a sharp modern touch to the theme).

–When posts with embedded video are displayed on the home page, the video’s dimensions are distorted. Consider making the frames wider or auto sizing the video. Please see my current home page for an example (the post with the embedded TV On The Radio video):

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ever Truly yours,



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