Look, Buttons

Last couple of days I have been consumed by buttons. In my attempt at redesigning the lostwhitemale, I decided to change the links in my feature widget. First I decided to try and make the goofy pictures, I originally had, look more–sophisticated. The sophistication of goofy pictures did not produce my desired results. I abandoned the goofy pictures on the advice of a friend. My friend said, “I don’t like the pictures,” this was his advice. I murdered my goofy pictures. They had become obsolete. I decided to try to make some dapper buttons.

Making buttons is exhausting and stupid. First I Google “button generator” several results were returned; I make my way through the first entries. Now I expect the first link I click on to meet all my requirements, and the service better be free. The free part is the main focus–I will sacrifice some of my needs not being met, for a substandard free product. But sometimes you get lucky and find a product that is professional in nature, and is given at no charge. Making buttons must be a high demand market because the available sites that offer free professional products are hard to find. If you want a well designed button for free, prepare to do some data mining. After sifting through several tools I found most will give you the sloppy buttons for free and require payment for the good stuff. Normal and expected behavior of a for profit site.

After uploading three or four different button designs generated from different sites, I finally setteled on some buttons generated on GRSites.com

GRSites offers several different designs all highly customizable. The rub is: you are only allowed to put up to ten characters on a button. Hence, anything that was over ten characters in my links I changed. Really I am not trying to be all trending with the acronyms, I’m just cheap.

I am also still not sure if I like my free buttons. The mirror effect either adds a subtle look or is garish. I am also having a hard time deciding on the size of the button.


Fuck the buttons.

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