How badly do you want to read the shit I write?

I was tired of the invectives being screamed by the buttons. I took a stand and said, “Fuck you, buttons.”

Found this minimalistic dark theme. I think it looks bad ass. But I am being sold something, I am being dangled shiny things. While the themes overall appearance is minimalistic and conjures feelings of,”Man the author must be a bad ass;” the font is too small. To mollify this issue I can simply purchase access to the custom design features for the low price of 30/year.

The font is too small, but it is free.

While I could pay 30/year to have access to the custom design features, I have rationalized accepting the theme’s default fonts. I propose: most would see the font as too small, I disagree. The font is just right because it is free–fuck you and your haughty aesthetics.

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