Mawkish Smell Of Desperation

I was talking with my wife about blogs last night. We both came to a consensus: most blogs are people’s attempts to sell something–whatever the product may be, really the owners of these blogs are  selling themselves. Most readers of blogs are well aware of the sales pitch thrown at them each time they visit. I will not lie and say I have no desire to sell the readers of “lostwhitemale” something. I am well aware I am attempting to create value for the blog that others will trade their wealth for–even if the only wealth invested is the time spent by someone reading my posts. Time is a valuable and scarce thing.

I will not attempt to lie by appealing to some greater moralistic code either. Just because I am acknowledging my greedy intentions makes me no better. But by me being honest with my audience, I hope to clear the air a bit of the slightly nauseating odor of desperation that follows blogs around.

I am selling you ideas constantly. Through my writings, I plead for value to be assigned. I am reaching for wealth.

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