Random Thought: Who Are They? The Laziness Of The Mind

Who are They? The They that everyone blames for stuff: “You know, They don’t want you to know.” “They are taking all of our money.” “They are ruining the country.”

Everyone has a different They, and of course everyone’s Theys have different powers. For some, their Theys are crippling. The more racially centered Theys, tend to have this poisonous effect. Theys such as: Mexicans, African Americans, Asians, Jews–just some of the more popular ones. Others have Theys equally  burdensome such as: the government, the rich and elite, the military, extraterrestrials, the media, corporations. Or do you have a more subtle They? Maybe your They is your wife, or friends. How bout your co-workers, or boss.

Assigning the word “they” as: “They (capital T), an ominous power responsible for all you see wrong in the world,” is laziness. When we stop with reason and the will to find a solution, we come to They. We offload our will to comprehend on to an ambiguous term. This is bad English. They used in this street form, is a contradiction: you are assigning a non-specific group a specific power. How can something defined as a mist posses any thing?

The term, for me, as come to represent, “an allusive power at work not yet comprehended”. “They” is a beckoning onto the mind to go deeper. The word “they” only has the power to draw the mind into deeper understanding–to cause you to find out who or what “They” really are.



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2 responses to “Random Thought: Who Are They? The Laziness Of The Mind

  1. I think if we all took the time to study philosophy a bit more and develop a critical mind, we could do way with a lot of prejudice and the use of generalities.

    Thanks for the comment my four balled friend.

  2. Very good insight sir. I cringe a little when I hear people speak in sweeping generalities. I am a proponent of using specific, fact based information when trying to make a point. I struggle to keep my patience while waiting for someone to make a point because they’re swimming in “They” talk, etc.

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