FTIW: Clumsy Mitten Hands

Mitten HandsPoor robot. I’m sure the scientists won’t be so hubris; mocking their mechanical creation when it learns homicidal rage.

We as a species can relate because we are all born with clumsy mitten hands. The desire to be more and live on forever, but only having clumsy mitten hands– lacking the proper facilities to realize our desires.

Added to Interwebs/Pictures page– here.

via: iamnotmyfears.tumblr.com and http://science.memebase.com/page/4/


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4 responses to “FTIW: Clumsy Mitten Hands

  1. I would like to think an ironic twist is in order. Robot throws piano, crushing the scientists…then jams out “Mary had a little lamb” in one-note syle.

  2. Aww… the poor thing…
    Luckily, since he is a robot, he could have some new more delicate hands installed 🙂

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