Random Thought: New Definition for Corporatize

I would like to suggest a new definition be added for the word corporatize.

According to dictionary.com one of the current definitions is:

 cor·po·ra·tize: [kawr-per-uh-tahyz, -pruh-tahyz] verb (used with object), -tized, -tiz·ing. to develop into big business; bring under the control of a corporation: to corporatize baseball.

 I have been reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzche, and there is a point were Zarathustra speaks about the last man. From my understanding, basically, the last man is a complacent; watered-down-image of a man. The last man has no real desires and stands around blinking at things.

So, I had this image of this impassive animal, and my mind drew a connection to the corporate environment at work. Without being too melodramatic, I would say, conforming to the imperious authority of our corporate employers is shaping us all into the last man: an ever diluted being; afraid to offend; only wanting to please; or be left alone being. Further, this corporatized being only does what it is told.

Capitalism is not good the for the sentient. The desire only for profit molds people into machines– corporatizing them.

I propose this new definition:

corporatize: v. to conform a being or product to best serve a corporation, (esp. if the conformation strips identity and desire from that being conformed): managers were taught to corporatize the employees as a part of best business practices.

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One response to “Random Thought: New Definition for Corporatize

  1. Humans need a wiki-like dictionary where we can update general terms to give them applicable meaning. Perhaps life refines and defines our language as opposed to the contrary.

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