Random Thought: The Ultimate Failure

I’ve been hard to inspire lately. I’ve been drinking way too much. Self-defeating behavior is my specialty. Setting myself up for the fall– sabotaging my efforts.

But hey, life ends in an ultimate failure– death. The inability of any biological being to continue to sustain existence, is a failure on the organism’s part.

No point to this post really, just some self-loathing pretentious dribble.

Here’s a picture of something stupid:

stupid internet picture




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2 responses to “Random Thought: The Ultimate Failure

  1. Imogen Shepard

    I love this photo, it’s pretty crazy!

    I know I can get myself into some self-defeating behaviour too. And my strategy is to pull, pull and pull some more until I’m out of it and back on a roll. Happened just recently actually but got out of it…until the next time….so the circle begins again!!

    Crazy good photo!

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