Random Thought: Necessity Factor

Do the grand ambitions of any human matter? Example: I have a ever nagging sting in my mind to know more– to become more and find an ultimate satisfaction. But, take away my basic needs: food, clothing, shelter and what happens? In an instant, no longer do my grand ambitions matter; survival matters.

I wrestle with this necessity factor. Take my basic needs and no longer does my philosophy matter, no longer do I care about the meaning of things.

Maybe we are all better to be caged and tormented with a basic want….

But then I see– I see, if we evolve to a state of mind where all are provided with necessities; cannot we become so much more– gods and goddesses. When I say necessities I mean a point to where no longer is food and shelter a question, and money is no object to be lusted after. Will we ever know? Maybe, someday.


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