Random Thought: We Are Projected Ideas

How is a person formed? Not physically, instead, how does a person come into their character? Putting aside the fact that we most likely see people different from what they believe themselves to be (although how we see a person affects how they define their character); what is it that creates a personality?

Obviously, many different factors contribute to how an individual ultimately defines what and who they are, but all these factors can be sifted and broken down to one common attribute. All factors defining a person are eventually consumed by a person and converted into information processed by the mind. A person is ideas formed by information processed and projected unto the individual and their environment. Whether the information is processed at the conscious or subconscious level the information consumed acts as a filter when a person’s character is acted out. The acting out of the character is always done, be it for the person, or for those external to the person (a person’s environment).

I do not mean this to be a pedantic statement covering all of the sinuous terrain that this argument threatens to spread across. Rather, just a random thought of mine open for discussion– to be improved upon or completely dismissed as bullshit.

Sincerely yours,


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