Random Thought: Play By Play

For the past two weeks I have been in a room, stuck sitting next to an annoying coworker. Thankfully at the end of this week, I will be back at my normal desk. What makes this guy so egregiously tiring is the fact he constantly has some quick and obvious comment for most things happening.  His tone of voice is also, most of the time, feigning some importance he is only aware of; he believes he is being likable and witty.

He will suck in a big breath causing his chest to bulge, which he will then rub. He will complete this behavior by knocking on his desk with his knuckles in succinct rhythmic strokes. This lurid display use to grab my attention and cause me to look his way — which would result in eye contact.  He would meet my gaze and give me an ingratiating smile, now I just ignore him.

I know all of these behaviors seem so intolerable because of my perception of this guy and maybe I should work to change my flawed view. But fucking come on, with this guy. He needs to learn to socially evolve and stop being such a annoying and insecure person.


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