Random Thought: Wanting Things Better — Commentary On Occupy Movements

Alright. I was thinking about the occupation movement and about a seemingly popular opinion being propagated through the general population — by what means I am not sure. Maybe the opinion had always existed by previous conditioning of popular belief; I think that is truly the case. Enough with the prefacing before I get too far ahead and really start not making any sense.

The opinion, or maybe better, the belief ruminating around the office, in the forums, on social networks, in the media is: this belief the occupation movements are about the little person receiving bailouts or handouts, whatever you want to call them. Now, I can’t say that all people involved in the occupation movements are not about getting handouts or more assistance. Maybe some people involved really do want a big fat check signed over to them, and are expecting it eagerly with palms rubbing quickly together, eyes aglow, and wide grin painted across their faces. While this may be true for some of the occupiers, I know it is not the general result ultimately desired by the occupation movements. How do I know? because I consider myself to be a part of the occupation, even though I may not be protesting. I occupy something different than the physical, I occupy a new state of mind; a desire to want things different, and better.

The general opinion of occupiers wanting nothing more than handouts goes on to say: those who have all of the wealth have it because they worked hard for it. Thus, they deserve what they have, and I suppose, everyone else deserves what they have. To accurately describe what this argument sounds like to me, I have hopefully crafted an appropriate analogy: Children, they whine — some more than others. Why does the child whine? because they feel they are not getting things their way, they want things the better way, their way. When a child whines, usually the authoritative figure involved, is invoked to scold the child instructing them to ask for things in a more mature manner. After the child is instructed enough they will stop whining and ask for what they want without whining, if the child’s request is just. If the justification in the request is small such as, wanting ice cream for dinner the whining level is increased. But, if the child knows they are justified in their request they will probably cease whining because they know their request will be granted, being it is just.

I got a bit off track with the whole analogy and it is starting to sound like most analogies; bad. Anyhow, what I am trying to say is this: you got the whiny kids, knowing their request is not just asking for handouts. But, you also have the children knowing their request is just asking in a mature and proper manner. Finally, you have the unjust adults scolding all the kids, the whiny and mature.

The kids know they are right, which does happen more often than adults would like to admit. But, you have the unjust adults telling them they are being babies and why don’t the kids just grow up and get a job. You have these adults forgetting the only reason they are adults is not because they worked hard to become an adult, but only because becoming an adult is a natural biological process that you do not earn — it simply happens.

We must, all of us, as a species, begin to occupy something better than the physical streets and yelling at the authoritative powers who are not listening anyhow. We must all begin to occupy a new state of mind. A state that allows people to ask for things to be better and not to classify them as lazy or ungrateful. That time has past for America, that anachronistic mind set may of been useful when things were physically hard, but things obviously have change into a time of thought and concepts. The new mind set assigns proper value and wealth to things that are truly valuable and contain real wealth — not the things we can grasp like TVs, cars, big boats, and houses. But, instead, knowledge. Ideas. These are the things of real worth.

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