Links: Liespotting

Link to a website for a book called Liespotting — about spotting deception in people’s facial expressions.

I came across the website because I am looking into describing facial expressions accurately in my writings.

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2 responses to “Links: Liespotting

  1. ccyager

    Interesting book. Reminds me of the TV show “Lie to Me” that I loved and unfortunately has been cancelled. I think it’d be encouraging to spend a lot of time watching people and keeping a journal of face descriptions….

    • I like your journal idea and have thought of it myself. I find myself studying people’s faces much more when I am out, trying to think how I would describe their faces or expressions. I think the exercise of simply being aware of people’s expressions is helpful. For instance: I noticed how the skin on an older man’s face collected in wrinkles where his ears began.

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