Back in the Day: Star Tropics

Feel the power of the Yo Yo We have all had this experience: you’re going about your business when your brain is jolted  with a memory dug up from deep within your subconscious. Sometimes the remembered memory is of a past embarrassment, allowing you to be embarrassed all over again. Or other times, of a sweet memory of a loved one. But more often than not, since we live within a society based upon the consumption of products, the memory resurrected from our outer banks of memory is an experience pressed upon us from something consumed in our past.

The rememberance of these consumptions causes us to seek others out who too consumed the same products in their past and asking with excited anticipation, “Hey do you remember…” Well one of these memories for me is the NES game “StarTropics”.

Do you remember this game? I remember the yo-yo wielding protagonist, Mike. I remember moving from cave to cave fighting baddies and finally boarding the spaceship to fight aliens. Another thing I remember about this game is the music. I remember the soundtrack being pretty good for a Nintendo game.

Anyhow, that’s all I have and I just wanted to say “Hey do you remember StarTropics?”


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2 responses to “Back in the Day: Star Tropics

  1. Anonymous

    No. Can you download it onto the Wii?

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