LWM: Why? A mission statement.

So why?

Why, another blog?

Because it’s my blog, that’s why, damnit.

What do I plan to post on this blog? Pretty much anything I feel like:

  • Stuff I find funny
  • Stuff I find interesting
  • Stuff I think about

This stuff is more for me than for you.

Of course, I am wanting others to see this stuff, or I wouldn’t be posting all of this in a blog.

Let me rephrase something a little: this stuff is more for me than for you, but I hope to add to your wealth, just as much as I gain from this stuff.

Well, I guess my cover is blown. I am not so cool that I don’t care if no one reads this stuff.

I am not above begging so shower upon me your attention and comments, validate me — please!

So, with my mission statement complete let us move into our exciting future together.


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