LWM: The Lost White Male

Who’s the Lost White Male? That would be me of course, your author. But, I am not so foolish to think I am the only lost white male in the world. In our society there are throngs of lost white males. This lost epidemic certainly is not limited to those of the Caucasian race. No, no, it would be racist to think only white males could be lost. I am only laying claim to being the lost white male that The Lost White Male makes reference to.


What is this lost epidemic I mentioned? I share in a overall and general mood of a lost sensation encompassing my consciousness. Vague? Maybe. But, that is part of being lost — a vague feeling floating about, never quite there, never fully materializing, and never diminishing. A type of call to action ever present, threatening to command.

I suspect this is all a product of my biology, my current state in life. After all, I am a biological being and all products from a biological being, are biological in source.


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